Hey lovelies,

I know that I have been MIA for a little while and I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about why. I have had super low motivation about doing almost anything productive, a general exhaustion, and what feels like laziness. I feel silly even writing this because it feels like complaining because I don’t feel “sick enough” to get more help than I’m currently getting and it feel like just “being a lazy person”.

As you can see even from my last couple of sentences, I’ve been having trouble treating myself with compassion and kindness which makes every feeling that I am having even worse. One of my favorite things to think about when it comes to negative thoughts about myself is: “would you say that to/about your best friend?”. If we truly love our best friend we would never say the things we say about ourselves about them and this is the way that we need to talk to ourselves.

So, today I went to one of my doctors about another issue and I discussed this with him. We talked about how taking care of ourselves physically can significantly impact how we feel mentally (and that I probably need to be taking a multivitamin with iron in it). So, I made a deal with myself that I would go to the gym three times this week, go to bed on time tonight, take my multivitamin, and do one productive thing around my apartment. I’m hoping that this will make me feel better physically and post more for you guys!

Thank you guys so much for sticking by me!

One thought on “Rut

  1. Exactly! Nourish your body, brain and soul. Be strong against negative indulgences and the temptation to judge yourself harshly.


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