This is it! The day we’ve all been waiting for!! PRIME DAY!!

Real talk: I get hyped leading up to this sale every year and then every year it frustrates me. Truthfully, this sale is a bloggers worst nightmare: continual new content, massive stock outs, and VAST merchandise. There’s basically a different sale every 5 hours and for a 36 hour sale… that’s A LOT of work on your friendly neighborhood blogger.

All of that being said, here are some things that are or would be in my cart this year (ya gurl ain’t made of money šŸ˜‚).

Note: these are just items that are on sale for the entire sale

The first thing I’m really excited about is an Amazon Fire tv stick for $19.99! I absolutely love mine becauseĀ itĀ upgrades your normal TV to a smart TV for fraction of the cost

The next thing has been on my grown- up wish list since I knew they existed: a Roomba šŸ˜. This thing is the height of luxury as far as I’m concerned. It’s on sale for $230 (you save $120). I’m a simple girl who hates vacuuming and loves videos of small animals riding on said vacuums.

These shoes are definitely going to be in my cart. A) because I am desperately in need of good running shoes B) this is an awesome deal. These bad boys are 40% off at $48.

While we’re on the subject of fitness, I thought I would mention this because I am in desperate need of a new Fitbit and this is a great deal at 40% off. This is the Fitbit Alta HR and I’ve been wanting one for a while.

Also, if you’re looking for a cute work out top to wear with the last two items. This is the one. Only $20 and it will go with almost any leggings (I have this problem all the time with none of my cute top matching my cute pants/shorts!).

Alright, stay with me here, the Amazon basics on this sale are kind of awesome.

This deal is 320 Lysol wipes for $11.99 PLUS a 20% coupon at check out ($9.60 total).

Back to our regularly scheduled program!

I’m not one for watches because I have almost completely lost the ability to tell time (yes, my mother is very disappointed). However, if I were to get a watch this Kate Spade one is the one that I would get. It’s a hybrid smart watch with step tracking, notifications, and such. Also, it’s cute as hell.

If I were going to pick something to quietly listen to my every conversation and be my master once the computers rise up, this certified refurbished Echo plus would be it!

I have been looking for a curling wand since my 10 year old curling iron crapped out a couple weekend ago. This one is super highly rated and only $10 after the 30% coupon at checkout!!

Well this has been my short list of items that I have/would buy from Amazon Prime Day!

Let me know what y’all think!!


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