Target SALE

Hey lovelies!

This target sale is making me so happy right now it’s actually comical.

I wan you to think about all the things you buy at grocery or drug stores, now I want you to think about 25% off. What about home goods? 30% off, I tell you! T-shirts, 3 for $20. 50% off Sony headphones. 25% off Target home goods brands. Spend $20 on books, get $5 back.

The list is endless. I can’t find any category that doesn’t have at least a small mark down going on.

First of all, I wanted to share what categories would be on sale just in case we aren’t looking for the same kinds of things and you want to do a little shopping of your own.

  • 30% off exclusive home items
  • 25% off kitchen appliances and cook ware
  • 25% off beauty, cosmetics, & personal care
  • 25% off vacuums and floor care
  • 40% off kids’ home items

This sale is literally amazing!!!

So, I’m going to be sharing with you the things that I am going to be purchasing but also things that I would totally buy if I were in the market for something like it (my apartment is only so big, I have to have some self-control šŸ˜‚).

So, first off this St Ives Apricot face wash. I have been using this for over a decade and I credit it for my basically blemish-free face. (25% off)This is an item that I’ll be stocking up because of the deal.

I’ve been wanting to replace my bed spread for at least a year but just never pulled the trigger on any one piece. This sale seems like the perfect opportunity and I loveee this 100% cotton quilt’s pattern and 30% off never hurt anyone! (originally $100, with saleĀ =Ā $69)

I have super dry lips but also need a little bit of color for a low-key look at work or running errands around town. My answer? Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Red Dahlia. I have several of these but this is my favorite color for my skin tone.

Storage is HUGE for me. I feel like I have a bunch of little things that need to be put in baskets all over my apartment. Here are a couple that I thought were super cute and very Joanna Gaines-esque. (Sadly her line for Target is not part of the sale).

Small wire Milk Crate– $10

Large Wicker Milk CrateĀ – $14

Extra Large Round Wire Basket – $18

I love string lights. All through college I had tiny white lights up in my room all year long. As an “adult”, I love how they class-up an outdoor space and give soft lighting for a dinner party or drinks on a terrace. These are super cute andĀ less thanĀ $10 with the sale!

Speaking of outdoor spaces, this little table is perfect to set your drink or Bluetooth speaker on and can fold up if you need more space for cornhole or Kan Jam. For only $18 its a no brainer.

While no one wants to be a door mat in life, having a good one for your home is a must. This one is cute, simple, and only $9!

I have been thinking about buying anĀ apron for a while because I am SUPER clumsy in the kitchen. I love the color of this one and it’s only $11.

Cute bowls are a necessity for a healthy snack in my book. These geometric cereal bowls definitely fit the bill. $1.39 each

The perfect accent to a dinner party? A classy wooden serving bowl-$14

Lastly, I have basically zero children in my life but I know that some of you do and I think this is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while. Who doesn’t need a pink Mermaid tail blanket?! – $11

Thanks for reading! Send me a message if you want me to look into anything else on this sale for y’all!


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