New York Outfit Round-Up

Happy weekend, lovelies! Here are all the outfits that I wore in NYC last weekend!

Disclaimer: Some of these pieces are old stand-bys for me so I found y’all some similar-ish pieces

Romper: Hope’s & Hope’s

White tennies: Targét Boutique

Wine: Happy hour rosé 🍷

Striped tee: Targét Boutique

High waisted shorts: Hope’s

White tennies: Targét Boutique

Half Smile: all Kim

Mini skirt: Nordstrom

White tee: Nordstrom

Grey tennies: Targét Boutique

Disclaimer: The shirt that I’m wearing is actually a large (I was in a rush when I bought it) and I cut the bottom 6 inches off and a slit up the side for ease of tying #projectrunway

Dress: Forever 21

Chambray shirt: Forever 21 SALE!

White tennies: Targét Boutique 😉

Sunnies: Targét Boutique

Museum: NYC

Friendship 👯‍♀️

While the fact that we were in NYC heavily influenced our eating and activities on this girls trip, it was far from the point of our trip. This was the first time that all five of us girls have gotten together since we graduated from Auburn three years ago and we were most excited about being reunited as a group.

After graduation, we spread out across the eastern United States following our dreams. This led to us holding on to our connection via group texts and social media. While I’m so thankful that we live in an age where that is possible this weekend drove home the that fact that there is nothing like sitting in your PJs, eating cookies, and giggling with your girlfriends.

Obviously, we have amazing selfie skills

One of the most wonderful things about this weekend was that all of the giggling and talking felt exactly the same as when we lived together in the dorms seven years ago. We fell right back into talking about boys and make up and school/work. However, now we incorporated social justice into our conversations and the make up included heavy SPF and night serums haha.

It’s so easy for me to get so wrapped up in work, working out, my relationship, and taking care of Stash 😻 that it’s easy to not make enough time to nurture these friendships. This is so dangerous because platonic friendships and the sense of community and acceptance they bring are so important for my mental health.

We had a wonderful weekend and I cannot wait to plan our next one. I already suggested that they should come visit me at the beach next time! Hopefully this post will prompt you to call a friend or start planning your next reunion weekend!

Bye, lovelies!